John (JT) Thomas of JT Consultancy is a qualified specialist with over 43 years’ experience in the areas of Proactive Banking, Finance and Funds Management.

With JT’s broad management experience and proven strategic planning, business management and communication skills, JT has a proven track record and commitment in helping businesses reach profit targets.

Importantly JT’s experience has enabled JT Consultancy to assist businesses outside of financial services including religious organisations, not-for-profit organisations, charities, health services organisations, food services organisations and manufacturing organisations to achieve their goals.

As chair of a *TEC Peer advisory group JT enables business executives and business owners to become better leaders, make better decisions and drive better results for them and their organisation. Members of a TEC peer advisory group participate in a comprehensive coaching and mentoring program consisting of Monthly Peer Group Meetings, private 1-to-1 Mentoring Sessions with JT as their Chair; expert Speaker workshops, exclusive Resources, and connectivity with the local and international community of over 22,000 members.

TEC Member Testimonials

Mark Taylor – Principal-Taylors property management specialists

I have been a member of TECR205 for 10 years and John (JT) Thomas has been my TEC chair for over 2 of these years. I have found JT to be very articulate, knowledgeable and supportive in both my group meetings and our 1:1 meetings and most of all he holds me and our group to account as our chair.

He has the ability to cut through to help you or the group identify exactly what the issues are and then asks concise probing questions to enable you to work through most problems. For me JT has been a great help in helping me identify and create clear strategic processes and then challenging me on how that strategy can be implemented and as a sound board for ideas. I would recommend JT as a great business coach.

1 May 2018

Brett Churcher-Managing Director- Playoust Churcher-Architects

I have been a member of TEC for 10 years and have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and support, both on a personal and business level through the TEC process and from my TEC Group and my TEC Chairs over that period. My current chair John (JT) Thomas has been working with me at the 1:1 meetings to help clarify and articulate my business goals. These are then in turn challenged in our Group Sessions.

I have found JT is able to distil and clarify very quickly the essence of any issues that arise and allows the group to provide meaningful feedback via the Questions & Solutions process. This process is managed extremely well by JT and allows for all members to participate and add valuable input. I would recommend JT as a first-class business coach.

1 May 2018

*Click on the following link for a 50 second video on TEC.